Mike Kanellis Wins First Title In WWE

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Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis came into WWE with a lot of hype behind them, but the Power Of Love soon diminished. This week was a pretty good one to be Mike Kanellis all things considering.

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Raw kicked off this week with a big mixed tag match for the 24/7 Title. It was big because this Mixed Tag Mosh Pit math was surrounded by Superstars who wanted the WWE 24/7 Title after the match was over.

After R-Truth retained the 24/7 Title, Superstars flooded the ring and formed a dog pile on Truth. The referee counted to three and then Mike Kanellis escaped and ran away as 24/7 Champion. He was able to make it to a back room and closed the door before someone caught him, and then Maria Kanellis showed up.

She started banging on the door and he didn’t want to let her in. Mike said Maria might be Carmella doing an impersonation of her and then Maria said that he better let her in or she’ll “knock down that door and kick you in the vagina.” So he let her in.

So Mike Kanellis is now the WWE 24/7 Champion. Let’s just see how long it lasts.

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