Renee Young recent let it all out on Twitter and answered back to her critics in big way. She admitted that she’s not great at her job and asked if she should just quit. She’s not giving up, but continues to get better each week as she continues to try her best to learn a craft while the world is listening.

We previously reported that Paige, Natalya, and Nia Jax all backed Renee Young up immediately, but more have commented now to give Young support. It can’t be easy to learn such a high pressure job like announcer for WWE when everyone is listening to what you say and remaining critical the whole time.

Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, Karl Anderson, and Beth Phoenix have all thrown encouragement Renee Young’s way as well. They praised Young for not only being a trailblazer, but also having a lot of guts doing what she does week after week.

Hopefully, knowing that so many people have her back will give Renee Young the confidence that she needs in order to stop doubting herself so she can focus. There could be some exciting things down the road for Renee Young as her career continues in WWE. The important part is she can’t quit and must carry on.


We believe in you, Renee.

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H Jenkins

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