The Raw Reunion special featured many legends returning to WWE television that we don’t get to see very often at all. One of those people was Jerry “The King” Lawler who sat in on commentary. This was a welcomed change of pace and The King hasn’t lost a step either.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the reason why Jerry Lawler was so good on the Raw Reunion special is because Vince McMahon won’t yell at him during the show.

“He’s the only one Vince won’t fuck with so he just does it and you know the only reason they took him off was because he was old even though they have never found anyone better. Which it’s one of those things where why does it matter?”

It’s not likely that WWE will keep bringing Jerry Lawler back to commentary on their weekly television shows. Vince McMahon has the announce teams that he wants and apparently, they’re young enough (even though Michael Cole is 50).


It was still nice to have Lawler back for at least one night even though he can’t yell about “puppies” in 2019, he has way more tools up his sleeve than just being a male chauvinist announcer.

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H Jenkins

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