Maria Kanellis is pregnant with her and Mike Kanellis’ second child, but she is still on television every week. This storyline has amounted to her berating her husband and not considering him a man while carrying his child.

Kanellis lost a match in under a minute last night on Raw. Interestingly enough Mike Rome announced that Zack Ryder defeated him in “less than a minute” too which is very strange seeing how match times are usually never a part of the winner’s announcement.

Maria Kanellis had a hater say that he wasn’t interested in seeing her continue to berate her husband on the show last night. The is when she had a very straight-forward reply.

Do I make you uncomfortable with your own manhood? Cause that’s the real problem. So many men are complaining because they aren’t man enough to handle a woman like me. That’s not my problem.


It looks like Maria Kanellis will continue to appear on Raw as a pregnant Superstar which is very unusual. However, she is a pro and capable of staying away from the action to limit the danger.

Hopefully, this storyline can lead to something better for Mike Bennett because he’s not looking too good right now in terms of his push. Since the only person seemingly being elevated right now is the pregnant Maria Kanellis.

H Jenkins

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