WWE has certain ways they say everything because that’s the way it is because Vince McMahon says so. He also has a list of words that must never be spoken on WWE television.

This is a very interesting list and every word or phrase on that list is there for a unique reason. The old standards are there like pro wrestling, strap, and fans. Other words such as Codebreaker are there for an entirely different reason.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that if you call a kickoff show “a pre-show” anymore then you’ll be “shouted down” by Vince McMahon. So apparently, that’s an edict from McMahon that’s been unsaid because kickoff show has been in use for a while.

“It’s the kickoff show. That’s his new one. He hates ‘pre-show’ it must be kickoff show.”


WWE likes things to be uniform so it flows well. That makes sense, but they are cutting out a lot of traditional words and replacing them with their own at this point. So if you’re around Vince McMahon don’t tell him that you enjoy the wrestling on the pre-shows the most.

Felix Upton

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