WWE Puts Famous Finishing Move On Banned Word List

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WWE has a list of words that people can’t say on television and each word has its own unique reason for being on the list. This new addition is there for a very good reason.

Chris Jericho used The Codebreaker as one of his finishers even though he’s recently adopted The Judas Effect. Y2J’s move is also used throughout the indies as a signature move and generally it’s called the Codebreaker out of respect for Jericho. That is not the case anymore in WWE.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that when Ricochet uses the Codebreaker as he does from time to time that they are not allowed to call it the Codebreaker anymore.

Of course, Chris Jericho left WWE for NJPW, but kept a good relationship with WWE until signing with AEW. This split might not be as amicable now as it was then.

WWE took Jericho out of the opening video intro immediately and now they’re not allowed to make any allusion to him by calling a double knee facebreaker what fans really know it as.

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