Watch Enes Kanter Hit Diamond Cutter During Pro Wrestling Training

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Enes Kanter is more than just Dana Brooke’s boyfriend and an NBA star. He also has some moves in the ring and he’s getting some training in the process.

Kanter is friendly with Paul Heyman. He has spoken to the Raw Executive Director before about making a jump to the ring and it looks like he’s already getting in some training.

If you watch the video below you can see Kanter hitting a pretty nice Diamond Cutter that would make DDP proud. It seems as though he is going to keep at it and could be serious about making a jump to pro wrestling.

Enes Kanter could be more than just a special attraction if he has the passion to pursue a career in pro wrestling. Hopefully, he can keep at it, but there’s a lot more to wrestling than being able to bust out a finishing move.

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