NXT Champions Make WWE RAW Debut

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WWE is throwing a lot of new ideas out there. From new camera angles to Corey Graves getting to yell “sh*t.” Now it appears they’re adding two more champions from NXT to the mix.

If you want our full Raw results check out this link. Come on, click it.

The Street Profits showed up on Raw tonight as NXT Tag Team Champions. This is just weeks after winning the titles after they were vacated because Vince McMahon called up the War Raiders as champions.

WWE actually spoiled this debut because they “accidentally” showed them backstage for a brief moment during the beginning of the show. It’s unclear if this was on purpose because they didn’t appear on the show until later on, but it was still rather interesting considering Paul Heyman’s new role on the show.

It looks like Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are on Raw now. Because they said they’re on Raw now. So we can only assume that Vince McMahon (or Paul Heyman this time) pulled another pair of current NXT Tag Team Champions from Triple H.

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