Pro wrestlers must travel a lot to make shows across the country. Nyla Rose is no stranger to this and as an AEW star she’s about to punch that frequent flyer card even more often. This is good news and bad news because although she will be working a lot more she also has to deal with airport security.

Rose has been through a few airport security checkpoints in the past couple of days. It turns out that something — although she didn’t name what it is — has been okay at the last three airports she’s been through, but suddenly, her item is too dangerous for the flight.

Soooooo let me this right @TSA something I brought from home and has been though 3 airports in the past two days is all of a sudden dangerous for some reason now at 5something am on July 1? are y’all just guessing at “safety” now or what? This security theater bs needs to stop

Airport security really can be a display of power if you have the wrong TSA agent working the line. Because if you’ve ever seen them do their jobs some of them really love telling others what to do and messing up their travel schedule by holding them up.


We doubt that anything Nyla Rose wants to pack in her bags is as dangerous as her fists anyway.

Felix Upton

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