Ali Remarks About Being Constantly Picked For Random Airport Security Searches

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Ali has made no secret about the fact that as a Muslim he faces certain things in his daily life that some people might not be able to understand. These are stereotypes he must face every day.

Since Ali is a WWE Superstar and must travel all the time this affords him with plenty of chances to get familiar with airport security.

His real name is Adeel Alam so that is all airport security is seeing when he buys a ticket. Interestingly enough, he recently got picked for a random search each time he went through security on his most recent travel experience.

Ali sent out an Instagram story to show fans that he was being randomly selected once again at an airport. This meant that his bag was looked through by airport security.

“Guess who was randomly selected again? 3 for 3!”

Maybe Ali needs to start playing the lottery with odds like that. After all, it’s not everyday when you can go 3 for 3 at anything.

Unfortunately, the only thing he won this time around was three separate headaches at airport security.

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