AEW will do something very different as they present a pro wrestling alternative to WWE. They know what fans don’t like and can tell by simply going on social media. This is why they throw in jokes about WWE standards like watching television from the side so the camera can see your face.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that he has a very strong feeling that AEW will recognize parts of the television show that fans hate and not continue featuring them. They won’t continue to push someone to the main event considering it good heat when fans genuinely don’t like someone.

He used the Librarians as an example because they didn’t get the best response during the AEW Fyter Fest Buy In show. Therefore, if they continue to get a negative reaction then AEW might not continue with that gimmick.

“I can’t say for sure because I can’t predict the future, but I do believe, I honest to go believe this that if you keep watching AEW and you watch the weekly TV if there is stuff on there that their fans don’t like whether it’s the older fans, the AEW hardcores, the casual fans — they’re not gonna keep doing it. I firmly believe that.”


“I do not believe this is a company like WWE that is going to fight with their fans like they know what you don’t like and they don’t care. They’re gonna make you like it. They’re gonna do the old, ‘These fans don’t know what they like.’ If you make it very clear that you don’t like something they’re not gonna do it.”

“Again, I can’t say for sure, but I believe that this Librarian stuff continues to get a backlash like it did during the preshow on Saturday you’re not gonna see the Librarians anymore. I don’t think that if the Librarians get a backlash then the Librarians are going to start main eventing shows because it’s good head — that’s not going to happen here.”

We will just have to wait and see if AEW eventually becomes Cody Rhodes sitting in the back saying: “That’s good sh*t” when people hate a gimmick, but only time will tell. It’s not likely.

For what it’s worth, Cassidy Haynes of was at Fyter Fest and he loved the Librarians gimmick. You could also hear a lot of people shushing in the crowd, although it’s a tad quiet because they’re shushing.

The real question is what AEW will do in the future and we will have to wait and see. Their television show hasn’t even debuted on TNT yet and people are already getting upset about Librarians and Cody Rhodes getting busted open with gimmicked chair.

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