WWE sent out two very interesting emails yesterday promoting that Raw and SmackDown’s new Executive Directors will be on their shows. However, this was not approved by Vince McMahon and he is livid.

During Figure Four Daily, Bryan Alvarez explained the situation as it stands right now. People in the company reportedly didn’t know about this email blast promoting Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman until it was already in a ton of fans’ inboxes.

“I start texting and emailing people there and I’m like ‘what’s going on? Just 24 hours ago these guys were not gonna be TV characters.”

“The first couple of people that I text are also baffled and one of them notes there was a meeting last night that went to 4:23 am but it was only Raw. Nobody has even pitched anything for SmackDown yet. I was also told that last week because of the pay-per-view, Vince didn’t even look at the SmackDown script until he was on his way to SmackDown.”

Vince McMahon likes to be in complete control of everything that is going on in his empire. This was reportedly not a part of the plan and he is understandably upset. Now it looks like they could be forced to have Heyman and Bischoff appear even if that wasn’t the plan.

The bottom line is that someone told a member of the graphics team to create those images because Bischoff and Heyman didn’t just magically appear on the graphics. It also took someone else to send out those email blasts. So someone is going to pay for this infraction. Hopefully, it won’t be someone who is reading this right now. If it is, then what were you thinking?

Then again, WWE doing this and making such a big deal about these advertisements is definitely doing the job of gaining the company attention on the heels of AEW Fyter Fest. So that’s another things to possibly consider.

If you ask Ringside News founder Steve From Florida, he’s incredible skeptical about this entire situation as are plenty of other fans.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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