Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are now Executive Directors of SmackDown and Raw, but that doesn’t mean they will be appearing immediately, at least that wasn’t the plan.

Still, advertisements went out in email blasts yesterday promoting that both men will be on their respective new shows. This was not supposed to happen.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that there was a big mix-up in WWE. In fact, those graphics weren’t even supposed to be made in the first place let alone sent out. Now we will have to see if the company will alter the show to coincide with those advertisements that they sent out.

“Okay, so that was a screw up. I don’t know how it happened. I guess the gist of this is a couple of months ago people were going to Vince and Vince tries to micromanage everything […] people said you’re doing too much you’ve got to trust other people to run divisions and not micromanage everything so he agrees that certain people can run certain divisions so whoever sent out these email blasts does not report to Vince they report to someone else.”


“I don’t know who it is, I kinda have been told who in theory was the screw-up… I’ll put it this way someone screwed up in making it and someone screwed up in okaying it and it was sent out and Vince didn’t know and nobody who needed to know knew and it was out there.”

“Basically, when we found out they found out that it’s out there. I don’t wanna say it was a panic or anything like that, but it was not a happy time. The gist of everything is I guess you know it wasn’t supposed to happen, it wasn’t supposed to be out. Eric wasn’t booked on show on Tuesday, Heyman was probably not booked on television. He may have been booked on television in some form to do a television thing with Seth, in fact, I think he was. I think he was booked in a segment to do the same stuff he’s been doing. It wasn’t like he was going to re-do the show or be a TV General Manager, but I guess someone assumed that he was.”

“Like I said, Eric wasn’t even supposed to start for a couple of weeks, but you know he may be there on Tuesday because they advertised him he may not.”

Meltzer continued saying that as of a couple of hours before they recorded the radio show that Eric Bischoff was not booked to be on the show. However, Vince McMahon could always have him come in anyway now because the company inadvertently advertised him being there.

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