Possibility Of Legit Heat Between Seth Rollins & Will Ospreay

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Seth Rollins went on the defensive for WWE in a big way this week where he not only went at the idea that WWE Superstars don’t produce the best pro wrestling on the planet, but he also sparked a little Twitter beef as well.

Will Ospreay and Rollins traded a couple of tweets and everyone was paying attention to the mounting tension. The IWC also took part in plenty of debates themselves. Ultimately, it was widely considered that Rollins lost the argument when he brought up how much money he makes.

Dave Meltzer commented that the spat between those two stars didn’t result in any actual heat. However, it is inevitable that AEW and WWE stars will eventually start taking shots at each other even though Ospreay is signed with NJPW.

There’s no significant heat, it is people just having fun, but there is a little and it’ll get worse as time goes on. There’s an inevitability about WWE vs. AEW that is coming and the smart ones see it already. No matter how hard they fight it, it’s going to be there.

Seth Rollins (or Tyler Black) vs Will Ospreay would be an outstanding match that could sell a ton of tickets. However, it’s not likely to happen as this pro wrestling war continues.

At least they found a proper place to battle on Twitter.

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