Seth Rollins is a very loyal WWE Superstar and he is tired of people smack talking the company that he takes bumps for.

Rollins went on the defensive in a big way as he took shots at anyone who wants to say that WWE isn’t the best pro wrestling on the planet. Then he heard something from a fan that he didn’t like at all.

When one brave fan told Seth Rollins to “dial it down a notch.” This was not received too well at all. In fact, The Architect suggested that he dial it up a notch instead.

Nah dawg, let me dial it up. I’ve sat back and watched idiots with no clue talk poorly about the place I dedicate my life to EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. The level I perform at on constant is untouchable. Time to let em know.


WWE seems to be treating Seth Rollins very well. Then again, he is the top champion on RAW and his girlfriend is also a top champion. They are a highlight of the show and likely making a very substantial living. Therefore, it stands to reason that he loves WWE.

Fans might have their own opinions about which company has the best pro wrestling around, but if you include Seth Rollins in this discussion you know he will always argue for WWE.

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