Mike Kanellis Walks Out Of WWE After Re-signing 5-Year Contract

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Mike Kanellis isn’t happy about his WWE deal. He recently signed a five-year contract, but we’re talking about the deal he’s getting on 205 Live. Now he’s really expressing himself.

After a hard-fought loss on 205 Live to Jack Gallagher, Mike Kanellis appeared to quit the show. He walked off through the crowd while Maria stood there wondering what her husband was doing.

This is all kayfabe, but also very well done. Even Drake Maverick teased this on Twitter earlier today as he called Mike Kanellis “the biggest bitch on the show.” Now it looks like Mike is “quitting.”

We’ll have to wait to see how this pans out, but it seems as though this 205 Live storyline used social media quite well to tell the story so far.

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