WWE Raw Results – June 24, 2019

We return to a replay of tonight’s opening, when Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans attempted to ambush Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Corbin and Evans are backstage, talking shop, with Corbin saying people think Rollins is Superman, but Evans says his Kryptonite is Becky Lynch.

2-On-1 Handicap Match

Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre Vs. Roman Reigns

As soon as the match gets underway, Reigns gets McIntyre out of the ring and attacks McMahon in the corner. McIntyre pulls Reigns out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps.

McIntyre puts Reigns down on the steps and lifts the other half up. Shane then sends Reigns into the steel steps. They get Reigns in the ring and McIntyre applies a chin lock. McMahon then kicks away at Reigns. Shane throws Reigns into a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. McMahon has McIntyre pick Reigns up, then he mocks Reigns’ corner taunt and connects with a Spear. McMahon picks Reigns up one more time for McIntyre to hit with another Claymore Kick. He instructs Drew to put Roman in the corner for the Coast to Coast, but as Shane gets on the ropes, there’s a gong!

The Undertaker is in the ring, standing in front of Roman Reigns!! The crowd goes ballistic. Shane leaps at him but Undertaker grabs him and hits a Chokeslam.

Winners by Disqualification: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

Drew comes running in but Undertaker kicks him. Undertaker beats Drew in the corner, then knocks him to the outside. Undertaker then clothesline’s Shane from the ring. Shane and Drew retreat and look terrified. Undertaker poses in the ring and the fans are still going crazy. Awesome surprise.

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Braun Strowman’s music hits and out he comes. We see footage of Braun pulling the truck again, and he’s about to have a tug of war with Bobby Lashley. The almighty makes his way to the ring and we see footage of him trying to pull a telephone pole out of the ground with a rope but the rope breaks.

Both men are standing in the ring, with a rope in the middle and a red line separating them. They begin and Lasley almost has Braun over the line but then he smiles as though he’s been taking it easy. Strowman yanks Lashley hard over the line but Lashley immediately starts attacking him. Lashley tosses Braun into the ring post, then wraps the rope around his face and pulls it hard. Strowman rolls out of the ring and Lashley chases after but gets shoulder tackled to the floor. Lashley gets back up and drives a knee into the back of Braun before leaving.

Still to come, Kofi Kingston Vs. Sami Zayn and AJ Styles Vs. Ricochet.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Styles and she welcomes him back from injury. Styles says he is excited to get back but Charly interrupts him right away and says she wants to know why he’s challenging Ricochet. Styles says he’s just happy to be back and can’t wait to face the best there is. He says he watched Ricochet Vs. Samoa Joe last night and now he wants to face the US Champion. Just then we hear No Way Jose’s music and Styles is disgusted. He walks over and we see Gallows and Anderson in the conga line. Styles asks them what they’re doing, they have a match against the Viking Raiders tonight. They say it’s no big deal, they have it. He rhetorically asks “just like you had it last week?” He asks where is the Gallows and Anderson he met in Japan? Anderson gets annoyed but Gallows tells him to watch them handle their business tonight.

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Gallows & Anderson Vs. The Viking Raiders

The match begins with Luke Gallows and Ivar. Gallows takes the fight to Ivar, clubbing him in the corner, before tagging Karl Anderson. Ivar knees Anderson and tags Erick before body-slamming Anderson.

Erick lifts Ivar and slams him onto Anderson. Ivar whips Anderson to the corner but Anderson pops out with a big lariat to floor him. Gallows is tagged back in and they hit Erick with double-team moves. Gallows applies a headlock to keep Erick down. Gallows knocks Iva from the apron and Anderson tags back in. They hit the Boot of Doom for a near-fall on Erick.

Anderson poses and shouts if AJ is watching. Ivar tags back in and floors Anderson, then knocks Gallows down on the apron. Ivar hits Anderson with a stomp, then knocks Gallows from the ring. Erik tags in while Ivar hits a suicide dive on Anderson. They then hit the Viking Experience on Anderson for the win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders

AJ Styles is pissed backstage and Gallows and Anderson sit on the ramp, unhappy.

We go backstage to see Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Cross apologizes and says Bayley took everything from them. Cross feels like it’s all her fault. Bliss says Bayley manipulates people to hide her shadiness. Bliss says she’ll come up with an idea and Cross walks off.

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We come back to see Nikki and Alexa in the backstage with Naomi and Natalya. The four of them bicker, with Nikki standing up for Alexa.

Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley are in the ring, for a match apparently, but R-Truth comes running through the crowd and into the ring. The rest of the Superstars come behind him. Truth knocks Kalisto from the ring but Heath Slater then hits him with a neckbreaker and gets the title! Heath Slater is the 24/7 Champion.

EC3 drags Heath Slater down but he kicks him off. Truth then hits Slater with his finisher for the win. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion.

As Truth is posing with the title, Cedric Alexander runs in and hits the Lumbar Check for the win! Cedric Alexander is the 24/7 Champion.

Alexander leaves the ring, looking all around him to make sure nobody is near. Mojo runs at him but Cedric dodges and he hits the ring post. EC3 then grabs Alexander and hits his reverse DDT finisher for the win. EC3 is the 24/7 Champion.

EC3 walks backwards up the ramp, celebrating, but Carmella grabs the belt and distracts him. Truth then comes from behind and rolls him up for the win. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion. Truth has now won the title 9 times. He and Carmella leave to the back.

Ricochet is with Charly Caruso backstage and he says winning the United States Championship is not a feeling he ever wants to go away. He says it took the support of all his friends and family to get him this far. And tonight he faces a dream opponent in AJ Styles. He says Styles was a pioneer and a idol for him, so tonight it’s an honour to share the ring with him.

We see Kofi Kingston getting ready backstage, he’ll face Sami Zayn next!

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Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out and say they have some questions for Kofi, like “why the hell are you here?”, “why are you a paper champion?”, and so on. Zayn accuses Kofi of using his friends to be successful. Kofi says that he, Xavier, and Big E are brothers, they’re not like the two of them who hate and use each other.

Kofi reminds everyone that he beat Kevin Owens last month, and last night he beat Dolph by himself, and he’s about to beat Sami by himself. Kofi tells Sami to shut-up and tells him to bring it, before tossing pancakes.

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