WWE Raw Results – June 24, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Monday Night Raw Results for June 24th.

Tonight’s show will feature all the fallout from the inaugural Stomping Grounds PPV. As I predicted yesterday, Stomping Grounds ended up being a much better show than most were expecting. Just about every match was solid or great, and it all made sense from a story-telling standpoint. So where do the stories go now?

Well Seth Rollins bested Baron Corbin last night, but that was largely thanks to his girlfriend Becky Lynch. Corbin chose Lacey Evans as the special guest referee and she was as corrupt as one might imagine, forcing Lynch to interfere and help Rollins win. It seems that this is leading to a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules next month, with both title belts likely on the line. Expect Becky and Seth to open the show tonight.

Also speaking of corruption from last night, Roman Reigns overcame both Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, but tonight he has to face them in a handicap match. It’s unlikely to remain a handicap however, as The Revival are likely to step-in. Which could lead to a big tag match with Roman and The Uso’s against Drew and The Revival, let’s see if my prediction skills are still on point.

And the only other news heading into tonight’s show is in regards to the new United States Champion, Ricochet. The high-flyer defeated Samoa Joe last night but he was almost immediately challenged to a non-title match tonight by AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One is teaming with Gallows and Anderson again, and a heel turn is looking likely, so it’s possible AJ cheats to beat Ricochet for the U.S title at some point soon.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s show. Let us know what you’re excited to see by downloading the Ringside News app or following us on Instagram and Twitter, and enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

Raw opens with the WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins coming to the ring.

The fans cheer as Rollins says “about last night”. He reminds us about how he defeated Baron Corbin last night. Rollins says last night at WWE Stomping Grounds in Tacoma, Baron Corbin thought he’d take the title from him, but that didn’t happen thanks to this woman.

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch’s music hits, and she makes her way to the ring. Rollins pretends to be upset that she interrupted him. Rollins says before they get into all of this, he has to give Corbin some credit. Last night he was smart enough to know he couldn’t wrestle or fight Rollins, and he was also smart enough to get a referee he wouldn’t bash with a chair. Corbin wasn’t smart enough to realize he has the best backup on the planet. The crowd chants for Becky Lynch.

Becky smiles and says it pays to be the man’s man. She says Lacey Evans talked a lot of trash and proved that she does not have what it takes. Then she attempted to take the title from someone else and got her head slapped off.

Baron Corbin’s music hits but Lacey Evans attacks Becky from behind. Rollins watches them brawl then pulls Becky off. She shoves him out of the way, then continues attacking Lacey. Corbin then comes down and throws hands with Seth. Both the heels are cleared from the ring and Corbin grabs a microphone.

Corbin makes fun of Rollins, saying he should go home and make the man a sandwich. Evans asks if Rollins wants her to hit him again. Becky says if they both want to get slapped and their arms torn off then that’s fine by them. Corbin says he’s team with Lacey any day to beat them, and she says that’s a great idea, why don’t they face-off at Extreme Rules? Lynch says no problem, they’ll face them anytime, so long as the agree that, if they lose, they will never get title shots again. Corbin says that’s fine, but if they win it’s winner take all.

Still to come, Ricochet Vs. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn Vs. Kofi Kingston, and The Revival teaming with Bryan & Rowan to face The New Day and The Uso’s. Bryan and Rowan make their way to the ring for this match.

*Commercial Break*

8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan, & The Revival Vs. The Uso’s, & The New Day

If one guy is eliminated, then the whole team is gone from the match. We start with Daniel Bryan and Xavier Woods but Scott Dawson tags himself in. The Washington fans aren’t happy. 

Dawson and Woods lock-up and Woods is shot off, Big E tags in, and he and Woods double-team Dawson. Big E hits Dawson with a belly-to-belly but Rowan tags in and slams Big E. Rowan then throws both Jimmy and Jey out of the ring, but then misses a splash to Big E. Tags are made to Daniel Bryan and Xavier Woods.

Bryan flips over Woods from the top rope, then ducks a clothesline, and delivers a running elbow. Bryan knocks Woods from the ring and looks to hit a suicide dive but Woods moves and he hits Scott Dawson. Bryan gets Woods back in the ring and hits a missile dropkick, followed by the Yes Kicks. Woods looks for a roll-up to no avail. Bryan is pushed through the ropes, where Dash Wilder punches him! Woods rolls Bryan up and pins him!

Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan Eliminated

Dash and Dawson come into the ring and double-team Woods. They knock him down, then hit him with the Shatter Machine from the ropes for the pinfall.

The New Day Eliminated

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break, just in time to see Jimmy and Jey hit stereo dives to The Revival on the outside. The bell rings for the match to restart at a tag team. The Uso’s hit Scott Dawson with a back body drop on the floor, then get back into the ring to double-team Dash Wilder.

They hit Wilder with a neckbreaker but he kicks out. Dash ducks Jimmy but then catches him in mid-air with a powerslam. Jimmy and Dash brawl onto the apron, where Jimmy drops him with a headbutt. Dawson gets back into the match and stomps Jimmy down. Jey makes a blind tag as Dawson superplexes Jimmy. Wilder wanted to hit a splash as Dawson hit the superplex, but Jey shoved him off the top rope and hit a splash to Dawson for the win.

Winners: The Uso’s

We see replays of Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre from Stomping Grounds. Roman will face Drew and Shane tonight in a handicap match.

*Commercial Break*

We see some random footage from earlier today of Braun Strowman pulling a truck with a rope.

It’s time for a new episode of Miz TV and his guests, R-Truth and Carmella, make their way to the ring. Truth checks for Superstars under the ring but Miz tells him not to worry, because he has had the 24/7 Championship rules suspended for the duration of this interview. Miz says it’s just been a month since the title was introduced and since then the title has been defended all over the place, including an airplane, elevator, and even a wedding. They show footage of R-Truth beating Drake Maverick at his own wedding after he took his vows to win the title back.

R-Truth seems pleased with his actions but The Miz says that was the man’s wedding. R-Truth says the 48/7 European Championship isn’t a joke. R-Truth says he hasn’t had time to eat, drink, or be merry, if you know what he means. He can’t go to the grocery store or picnics without looking over his shoulder. WWE Superstars are even coming to his house dressed like the police, telling him his music is too loud and his car is on fire. The fans laugh and begin chanting “R-Truth”. Carmella says what Truth is trying to say is: interrupting Drake Maverick’s wedding may seem extreme, but it just shows how important the title is to R-Truth and everyone chasing it.

Drake Maverick comes out and says winning the 24/7 Championship was the biggest moment of his career. His wedding was supposed to be the biggest moment of his life, but R-Truth ruined it. His wife won’t talk to him, go on the honeymoon, and they haven’t even consummated the marriage. R-Truth says fiber is good for that and the fans laugh. A “Constipation” chant picks up.

Maverick says he’s out here as a man to ask for a rematch. One-on-one, no shenanigans so he can win back the love of his life. Carmella says that’s cute that he wants his wife back. Maverick says he’s not talking about his wife… he’s talking about the WWE 24/7 Championship. The Miz gets information that says if R-Truth accepts, all other competitors are banned from ringside. R-Truth says, “You know what Hornswoggle? You’ve got your match!” The Miz says the match will take place after the break.

*Commercial Break*

24/7 Championship Match

Drake Maverick Vs. R-Truth

We come back from the break to see Maverick beating Truth. He then hits the ropes but Truth slams him and pins for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

As soon as the match is over, Titus O’Neil, Lucha House Party, and more come running down to the ring with a referee. Cedric Alexander connects with a springboard kick to Truth, but No Way Jose breaks it up. The Superstars start brawling at ringside, allowing Truth and Carmella to escape through the crowd. We’re left with Maverick sitting in the ring, disgusted with himself. Charly Caruso tries to interview him but he’s not interested.

Roman Reigns is shown walking backstage, he’ll face Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon after the break.

*Commercial Break*

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