Lacey Evans’ Low Blow On Seth Rollins Really Pissed Off Becky Lynch

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The Stomping Grounds main event brought as much as it could. The fans might not have been totally happy with it, but everyone seemed to have a good time by the end of it all. Of course, that doesn’t include Lacey Evans

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Lacey Evans was doing her job as a heel referee, but what really made Becky Lynch finally come down and defend her man was when Evans put her hands on Seth Rollins’ private area in the form of a low blow. Becky Lynch later explained why she finally had enough in the following tweet:

You can slow count, you can slap him in the face, but if you nutshot him then expect an ass whooping.

So there you have it. You can screw Seth Rollins over all day with lousy officiating as a special referee, but as soon as you hit a Chyna low blow it’s on and Becky Lynch will come out with guns blazing.

It did certainly provide a little something extra for the big Stomping Grounds finish as The Man came down to defend her man and help him get rid of The Lady Of WWE.

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