AEW Will Have A ‘Get Over Or Get Out Mentality’

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All Elite Wrestling has promised to provide an alternative to fans for a long time to come. They have the financial backing to help sustain the company and fans are already getting very invested in the product, but their stars will also be vital attributes for the company and they will all be unique as well.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, MJF explained that AEW stars are given their own creative freedom. Their promos will be their own words and they will represent the kind of character they want to be on television.

It is up to the stars to get over with the fans. Although AEW will likely be white hot on practically every star starting out, there will always be some who aren’t as over as others. MJF has no plans except for being on the top of the heap for a very long time to come.

“We don’t just beat to our drums, we play to the song and dance of our own music because we are given our own creative license. It is your job whether or not you sink or swim and goddamnit I can assure you that I might be a big-ass boat, but I’m certainly not the Titanic. I’m gonna be swimming afloat for a long time.”

Then Bully Ray chimed in and asked, “So basically it’s a get over or get out mentality in AEW?”

MJF responded by saying: “Absolutely, I would say so.”

This is interesting, but it does make sense and it’s only fair. Now the fans’ reaction might actually get approval for a quicker push to capitalize on someone’s momentum instead of waiting too long or ignoring a positive reaction all together because it doesn’t fit in with other on-going plans.

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