WWE Looking To ‘Get A Spark’ With Special Referee Decision At Stomping Grounds

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WWE Stomping Grounds is tonight and we will have complete coverage right here at Ringside News. However, the card doesn’t have that much interest in the local market.

Hopefully, WWE can turn things around as it is their aim to cause some sort of stir with the Universal Title match tonight. Baron Corbin is set to pick his own special referee for his match against Seth Rollins. It is obviously his goal to ensure that he walks away as the new Universal Champion.

Brad Shepard reports that WWE is “looking to get a spark” out of the special referee decision at Stomping Grounds. Apparently, female Superstars aren’t out of the running either as Charlotte Flair’s name was reportedly batted around backstage.

According to a source in the company, #WWE is looking to “get a spark” from the special referee spot at #WWEStompingGrounds and as of last week considered using a female talent for it (one name floated was Charlotte). I’m not sure what the final decision was/is.

The WWE Universal Title match is expected to main event the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view. Therefore, we will have to wait the entire night to see who Baron Corbin picks as his special guest referee.

There are a lot of ideas floating around out there on the IWC from Brock Lesnar to Baron Corbin picking himself to officiate his own title match. Only time will tell if WWE will get that spark they’re looking for and a clean slate to follow.

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