WWE Stomping Grounds is this Sunday on the WWE Network. If people watch the special this Sunday it will likely be on television because not lot of people have bought tickets.

WWE has tarped off around half of the arena and are not selling tickets where they don’t need fans. They might have to pull off some tricky camera angles at this point to make it look even relatively full.

Brad Shepard has more information about Stomping Grounds ticket sales. WWE isn’t pulling nearly the numbers they need to. In fact, they are on track to match a very low number.

According to a source in #WWE, Stomping Grounds is the lowest sale for any “special event” since Starrcade on November 25th, 2018.


Starrcade had around 7,500 fans there when everything was said and done. WWE have produced smaller “specials” such as the Halftime Heat and The Shield’s Final Chapter, but since then nothing has been that low.

The point is that WWE Stomping Grounds will have less people there than WWE is used to for a pay-per-view event. The strength of the card might have been a factor, but the timing of everything with promotion for the Super ShowDown taking up much of May and June’s television time might have also been a huge problem as well.

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