Drake Maverick’s Wife Already Wants A Divorce After R-Truth Crashed Their Wedding

Drake Maverick married Renee Michelle today and they had a wonderful ceremony. However, it was crashed by R-Truth and he pinned Drake on his wife’s wedding gown.

After that, Maverick jumped up and ran off to continue his chase of R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Title. This did not leave his new bride very happy at all.

Renee Michelle tweeted out that she can’t believe that Maverick allowed the 24/7 Title to damage the happiest day in their lives. Now she wants a divorce.

I can’t believe he allowed this to affect our wedding day! He is obsessed. The hell with this 24/7 thing!


This is very funny and 100% kayfabe, but just imagine if it wasn’t and how mad she’d be when she discovered that this was all Drake Maverick’s idea in the first place.