WWE Encouraging Superstars To Submit ‘Ambitious’ Ideas

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WWE is controlled by Vince McMahon and nothing makes it on television without his approval. However, it looks like they are open to suggestions at this point.

Although Jon Moxley spoke in-depth about the struggle of getting his ideas heard in WWE, it looks like the company could be turning a new leaf. Because Fightful Select reports that WWE is encouraging their Superstars to submit more “ambitious” ideas to creative.

The WWE locker room is full of ideas that might never be used on camera. Perhaps with this new policy to encourage sharing of ideas something might be done about those unused ideas. Of course, Lana has spoken up in the past about her ideas being stolen and used for other Superstars.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will be used without much tweaking. Because they could really use a fresh feel for the product.

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