Lana Accuses WWE Of Using Her Idea For Other Superstars

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Lana might not be too happy in WWE and she recently let it out on social media. Apparently, some of those ideas she pitched have ended up benefiting other Superstars because WWE is jacking her gimmicks.

Rusev and Lana are no strangers to opening up about their frustrations in WWE. They are not as powerful of a couple as they once were and it is showing every week that Rusev is not on television. In fact, Rusev recently revealed that 99.9% of the roster feels the same way.

Lana unloaded about how she keeps seeing stories that she wrote and pitched to WWE. However, those stories are being used for other people. Apparently, this is the 10th time it’s happened this year and it’s only May.

I love watching shows and seeing stories I wrote and pitched given to other people. This might be the 10th time this has happened in the past year…. good to know I’m really creative that my ideas are given to others.

WWE can use ideas however they see fit. It would be pretty great if Lana released a list of those 10 ideas as evidence as well. Maybe she needs to start making her notes public whenever that happens. Either way, she’s at least getting her ideas used.

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