Mojo Rawley seems to be a guy who Vince McMahon had a great new idea for, but he’s seemingly not done anything with his new gimmick.

The former Hype Bro has appeared during commercial breaks during RAW a couple of weeks, but he hasn’t done much more than that.

While speaking to Wrestling Academy in Saudi Arabia, Mojo Rawley was asked about his new character. He explained what those segments meant where he was talking to himself in the mirror. He also explained that there’s a lot he has left that he wants to accomplish in the ring.

“You know everybody goes home at the end of the day and looks at themselves in the mirror and sometimes they see things they like and sometimes you can see things that you don’t like. Right now I have a lot of work to do in my career I have a lot of things that I wanna accomplish and I haven’t yet. I have had some success, but it’s not enough for me and that’s what this is about.”

“Now I have the face paint on that represents the shattered glass you know breaking the mirror and bringing that out in reality, you know? So it’s a very exciting time for Mojo Rawley right now. There’s a lot of change and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Rawley signed a long-term deal with WWE last year so he has plenty more time on the roster. Hopefully, they can do something that works for him soon, but if they just let his energy show through his character the fans could always rally around him organically.

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