Former WWE Superstar Wrestles His Final Match

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Every pro wrestler will have to make a decision to wrestle their final match someday. Often times, that decision is made for them, but a fortunate few get to actually make their own choice about when to quit the business.

Adam Rose came from NXT to WWE with a lot of momentum and some party-hard vignettes, but nothing really came of his time on the main roster. He commented how his time in WWE was self-sabotaged.

Last night, Adam Rose wrestled his final match. It wasn’t in front of thousands of people, but when he tapped out to Bull James in the main event of Atomic Revolutionary’s Wrestling Star Spangled Slammer show his time as an active performer in the business was done.

Rose wrestled all around the world during his time in the ring. He will probably remain a face in the pro wrestling community for years to come as well, but his final match took place last night in front of a few lucky fans.

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