Sasha Banks Involved In Another WWE Project Today

Sasha Banks just returned to the United States after a week-long vacation in Jamaica. On that trip she ran into a cabby who really didn’t like Lars Sullivan. Now she is back and working on another WWE project.

PW Insider reports that The Boss is in Orlando filming footage for the next WWE video game. She was in the Northeast a couple of weeks ago filming for the upcoming game and it appears that they need her for more work.

Sasha Banks, who was in the Northeast a few weeks ago for WWE, is filming content today for the forthcoming WWE 2K20 video game in Orlando, Florida.

It is reported that this should tell us about her standing with the company. She is obviously being featured in the upcoming WWE 2k20 video game which is slated to come out in the fall.

For what it’s worth, we previously reported that 2k is planning a huge commercial full of legends for the upcoming game. So Sasha Banks very well could be there along with other greats.