The Undertaker was not happy at all with his match against Goldberg at the WWE Super ShowDown event. This was evident by the look on his face after it was all said and done.

Fans all over spoke up about this match and Taker has to agree with those people right now who think he might need to step away from the ring for good.

One fan commented on Instagram saying: “Can you please stop bringing Undertaker back now? Jesus Christ after everything he’s done for the company just let him retire in peace. Literally, the match was terrible because those guys are in their 50’s, they can’t compete at main event level anymore. You saw how Undertaker was struggling to stand after just 5 minutes, and Goldberg was too weak to even pull off a jackhammer. Just let them live out the rest of their days in peace, or they’ll end up getting seriously hurt.”

As you can see from the screenshot below, The Undertaker liked the above comment. It is a pretty chilling reminder that everyone gets older, even Dead Men.


The WWE Super ShowDown event was not a typical show for the company. Not only was it over 100 degrees in the ring, but Goldberg entered the match with his bell already rung after busting himself open during a pre-match ritual to psych himself up. He could have caused concussion as well.

Goldberg apologized for his performance in the match as he said that he felt like he let the fans down. As for The Undertaker, the fact that he liked this comment on Instagram could speak volumes about how he really feels about the whole situation.

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