The Undertaker and Goldberg were never able to lock up in the squared circle until WWE signed a ten-year deal with Saudi Arabia. That cash helped make this dream match happen in Jeddah at the WWE Super ShowDown.

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Each man received their legendary entrances and full pyro as well. The crowd was pumped, yet hushed at the same time to witness this battle between two legends. Taker and Goldberg are good friends, but one had to question how long they could go in the ring with their ages adding up to 106.

They squared up and Goldberg taunted Taker with his signature throat cutting taunt. Then Taker shoved him and Goldberg returned with a spear for a two count.


The Undertaker then sat up and soon tried for a chokeslam, but Goldberg countered out and tried for a kneebar. This was not offense anyone expected, but it slowed down the match a little bit.

Goldberg went for a spear and Taker moved. Goldberg then hit the second turnbuckle and was busted open in a big way. There was a lot of blood as they continued.

Taker laid in some punches to Goldberg and then he went to the top rope for an old school rope walk and chop across the back of the neck. Suddenly, Taker nailed a chokeslam and then he motioned for the tombstone piledriver which he hit for a two count.

They continued and both hit clotheslines on each other to fall on the mat hard. This match had already lasted longer than most thought it would.

Taker nailed a running clothesline in the corner and hit snake eyes only to get speared by Goldberg again. Then Goldberg motioned that he was going for a jackhammer which he hit… kind of… it was really sloppy. Undertaker kicked out of the dangerous looking jackhammer.

Taker tried to turn another jackhammer attempt into a tombstone, but Taker fell as did Goldberg. So Undertaker hit a chokeslam and won the match.

After it was all over, The Undertaker didn’t have the most satisfied look on his face yet again after another performance in Saudi Arabia fell short.

After everything was said and done there was plenty of pyro to end the show.

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