Ali wanted to ask fans if he should braid his hair for the WWE Super ShowDown event. In the end, he donated his entire earnings to charity, but it didn’t stop the hate.

One fan came at Ali by saying: “‘A name like theirs’ Yes, a name that has history in brutalizing women, murdering people in the streets, and impoverishing it’s own citizens. There’s nothing honorable about your name, Mustafa Ali. Your people are f*cking scum and should be nuked out of existence.”

Obviously, seeing this upset Ali, but he has heard it all before. He reacted with compassion and understanding. As Ali attempted to reason with this “fan” he also attempted to enlighten him at the same time.

Charlie, your anger towards my name stems from the belief that people like me do horrible things. Your response to this is genocide? Come on, man. They’re terrible/wonderful people across all demographics. A name doesn’t decide that.


This hateful rhetoric from that fan was obviously directed at Ali in error. Because Ali isn’t to blame for terrible things. He is a pro wrestler who just wants to put smiles on faces and help grow understanding toward his people who unfortunately have a terrible stigma that he is still obviously fighting to overcome.

Felix Upton

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