WWE brought Natalya and Alexa Bliss along with them to Saudi Arabia this time around. A match between the two wasn’t scheduled for Super ShowDown, but that doesn’t mean WWE wasn’t hoping they could get them on the event.

There have been discussions for months now between WWE and KSA about bringing women to wrestle on the show. Now we will have to see if it’s finally going to happen.

Dave Meltzer discussed the current situation on Wrestling Observer Radio. At this point it looks like Saudis could either be messing with WWE or they might really be taking that much time to make a decision about women’s wrestling. Either way, they are still waiting on an answer.

“So this is the situation. At some point in the last couple of months — you know they’ve had female entertainers there [in Saudi Arabia] they’ve had female athletes there, they’ve had female circus performers there… there’s no reason that women shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle in Saudi Arabia, there’s nothing.”


“I know this is going to be annoying — god, is this going to be annoying going forward having McMahon and WWE trying to claim this breakthrough because the breakthrough’s already happened a long time ago, you know. Why they were’t on the last show or the first show I don’t know I guess it’s so they can build up this breakthrough storyling thing and that’s been part of the deal.”

“So I guess whatever it was WWE was expecting that this would be the show. That was the plan, but the plan has gone back and forth, I don’t know why and as of a few hours ago nobody knew.”

“I haven’t heard anything in several hours. I know in that point in time nobody knew. The women didn’t know. They’re there, I mean they’re hoping they’re gonna wrestle on the show. I think they’re gonna wrestle on the show, but nobody knows and it’s up to the Saudi government and god only knows… I don’t know if they’re messing with WWE for their jollies probably — I don’t know if they’re afraid of media backlash if they let it happen. I don’t know what’s going on I don’t like to try and figure them out.”

“I mean if it’s not now it’ll probably be a show afterwards, but they’re there ready to go. So that would be the match Alexa Bliss vs Natalya for whatever reason they picked those two. I have no idea, none whatsoever. I just know that they’re both there. They’ve landed, they’re out of the plane.”

Now WWE is waiting to hear if their women will be allowed to wrestle. This is a very interesting turn of events, but we can only hope that Bliss and Nattie didn’t make that long trip for nothing.

It will still be very interesting to hear WWE take all the credit for having women perform in Saudi Arabia when it’s been done before with the Russian Circus and other acts. So whenever they start bragging about that you can just keep that in mind.

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