Cody Rhodes AEW Double Or Nothing Throne Smashing Bit Gets Official Merch

Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes had an epic bloody battle between brothers at AEW Double Or Nothing. Before that contest, Cody Rhodes kicked things off by smashing a throne with a sledgehammer.

The symbolism in this action was obvious. The throne looked like something Triple H would sit on during a WrestleMania entrance, but nobody was in it. Instead, Rhodes destroyed the throne with The Game’s weapon of choice.

This caused quite a stir in the IWC and some considered this a big shot taken at Triple H and WWE. Later on, Cody said that it actually represented the fact that he intends on being a wrestler first and not an executive.

Either way, the AEW fans were obviously into seeing this angle at AEW Double Or Nothing. Now it is immortalized forever on a t-shirt.

You can check out the new merch below to come out of AEW which is way more than just a t-shirt company.