AEW Double Or Nothing was a success by practically any way you want to measure it. We are still waiting on the final pay-per-view numbers, but they look to be promising for a company without a weekly television show.

The Elite would not have been able to achieve these benchmarks without their fans. Now they are preparing for the next phase for the company as they look for long-term advancement.

Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio that AEW is looking to change a lot. They are not only looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the pro wrestling market, but their goal is also to “build a lifestyle brand,” as their fans become unique to them apart from the alternative of WWE.

“They’re not just looking to do another wrestling company. They don’t wanna be another three letters in the alphabet soup. What they basically want to do is create their own lifestyle brand. Like there are people who live and die by WWE and there are people who live and die by the New York Mets, and trust me those people suffer.”


“They want people who are going to live and die by AEW and they’ve got a small portion of fans already who are willing to buy the shirts and buy the jackets and chant the letters and be there.”

“They’ve got to take that small group of people who cared enough to congregate in Vegas and make that infinitely larger and if they can do that and they’re gonna be around forever which you know you would think if they’re investing this money their hope is to be around forever, they’re not doing this to fail. Then they get to change the water table, they get to change the DNA of pro wrestling forever and make something special for fans.”

It was noted that this won’t happen over night for AEW, but they are already off to a great start. This might take 5, 10, or 15 years, but AEW plans to be around for that long.

We will have to see the final numbers once they come in and the chips are on the table. AEW’s debut on TNT is critical for this reason.

Hopefully, they will be able to provide another outlet for pro wrestling fans and bring more attention to the sport. In the end, everyone will benefit if that happens.

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