Cody Rhodes destroyed throne with a sledgehammer before his match against Dustin Rhodes started at AEW Double Or Nothing. The throne was meant to be a reference to Triple H and the fans popped loud at that shot at WWE.

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Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes went to war at Double Or Nothing and ended up only becoming closer as brothers at the end of the match. Dustin Rhodes was bleeding like a stuck pig, but he’s okay now. However, fans couldn’t forget about the symbolism behind destroying that throne with a sledgehammer.

While still covered with Dustin Rhodes’ blood, Cody explained the meaning of destroying that throne to Chris Van Vliet.


“Okay, so I had a literal dream about this type of entrance and I loved when Triple H came out at WrestleMania XXX.”

“It was cool, the throne kinda symbolized his reign, and man, I wanna play ball. I know we don’t say competition, but it stands for itself. I also want people to know this role, this executive vice president role which I love, I’m excited about — I wanna be a wrestler first.”

“That’s great, we able to do that tonight. Tony Khan sat and timed the show that takes years how to learn. Gerald Briscoe did it, Tony did it tonight on his first try. So they don’t always need us in those executive roles. We were able to go out there and be wrestlers that more than anything — not so much a shot at Triple H, more a shot at I’m not ready to dive into that role and lean into it. I wanna be a wrestler first and foremost, I’m not done.”

“I know people think that Kenny is the best and I know that people think Chris is the best. Now Jon Moxley is the best and I’m always going to be wondering can I get [in there] what’s the step? You know?”

Cody might have downplayed his response during this media scrum, but it was pretty apparent that destroying the throne was a super babyface move with this AEW crowd.

Some fans who traveled to Las Vegas did so because they love pro wrestling and are incredibly disenfranchised with WWE. Now there is a legit alternative and Rhodes made that statement very clear as did everyone who competed at AEW Double Or Nothing.

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