Matt Riddle On WWE Changing His Nickname

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Matt Riddle was the King Of Bros on the indies and all the time he was in EVOLVE. He is still called that by fans, but the number of people who know him as King might be slowly dwindling because WWE had a new name for him.

Riddle is now known as “The Original Bro” in NXT. It’s unclear why WWE didn’t let him keep the King moniker, but Triple H is The King Of Kings and Finn Balor has The Demon King so there might already be enough kings in WWE.

Riddle is returning to EVOLVE for a match and he can’t wait to go there once again. Because they certainly know him as King.

Soon I’ll be back at evolve and I can’t wait to be announced as “The King of Bros” once again. I might be Original now but I’ll always be the King Of Bros

Matt Riddle has a bright future ahead of him in WWE. He also reportedly has some people in important places pulling for him as well. The Original Bro might not have a fan in Goldberg though.

No matter what nickname Matt Riddle is going by he will still be a major player wherever he decides to apply his craft.

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