Ricochet was one of four NXT Superstars who were called up to the WWE main roster out of the blue. Nobody saw this coming, especially Triple H who was not even consulted about taking four of his top stars from NXT.

Some have seen Ricochet as an example that WWE can screw up anyone’s main roster run despite how amazing they are. It might seem hard to believe that Ricochet is just another man on the roster now, but it has actually given pause to some Superstars on whether they want to even continue with WWE.

While speaking to the State Of Combat podcast, The One And Only discussed his time in NXT. He wanted to be in WWE’s developmental territory and learn from the great minds they have there. The environment that they foster in WWE’s developmental territory is much different than the main roster as well.

Ricochet continued to talk about the friendly competition in NXT. Because although they might be joking around there is no question that everyone in NXT wants to be the best.


“We would get our matches and we would wish each other the best of luck. We would say that our match would be the best of the night but you guys would be at a good second. We would say that to each other. We would joke around obviously, but then everyone would go out and try to kill it.”

“I feel like you can take any match on an NXT TakeOver and flip it around and it would still be in the best order. But it was good, a lot of friendly competition, a lot of love. We all knew each other a long time before we got here so it is a new company and would want to grow it as much as possible and try to give it everything we got and help it grow.”

There is a big difference between WWE’s main roster and the atmosphere in NXT. Some NXT Superstars might actually not be interested in going to the main roster at all right now since AEW is another possibility.

Ricochet is making the best of his WWE career as it is just getting started, but he will always have the best memories from his days as a part of the NXT roster.

Thanks to Peter Bahi for the quote

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