Brock Lesnar is showing up on RAW tonight to supposedly win the WWE Universal Title, but Matt Riddle might have other plans.

The Original Bro has been quite open about Lesnar in the past. He doesn’t like his attitude and wants to retire Vince McMahon’s cash cow, however, Riddle is still in NXT.

After a superb performance at NXT TakeOver: XXV, Matt Riddle is still going strong. He could be in line for huge match at the NXT TakeOver before SummerSlam in Toronto, but the King Of Bros might want to stop by RAW first.

We previously reported that Matt Riddle said he would be on RAW tonight to see Brock Lesnar. Now it looks like he is keeping that story. While posting a photoshopped image of himself and Dave Meltzer, Riddle says that the end is near for The Beast Incarnate.


Whether this is a legit tease or Riddle having fun is another story entirely.

We will just have to wait and see if Matt Riddle does make an appearance to ruin Lesnar’s plans. WWE needs to try as much as they can and with a money match like Riddle vs Lesnar in their back pocket it makes you wonder how long they can keep from booking the match already.

H Jenkins

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