Big Sign Awesome Kong Will Be Sticking Around AEW

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Awesome Kong made a big surprising debut at Double Or Nothing. She is apparently going to stick around All Elite Wrestling as well because AEW now has official merch for Kong.

Awesome Kong revealed after AEW Double Or Nothing that she had to keep her debut a huge secret and couldn’t tell anyone for months before the event. She also didn’t know if she could summon her former character, but thanks to a pep talk from DDP everything went great.

Now it appears that Awesome Kong is AEW because the new company has released some merch for the former Knockouts Champion.

Her shirt comes in purple and black and says “Kong Is [AEW]SOME.” That’s a pretty clever play on words, but it also seems to allude to the fact that AEW has an awesome female and a GLOW star on their roster.

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