Vince McMahon might live in his own WWE bubble, but he certainly knows what AEW is because he was livid that Sami Zayn mentioned their new competitor’s name on RAW.

There are a few versions of this story going around and we might never know exactly what happened until Sami Zayn possibly leaves WWE and does a shoot interview.

Bryan Alvarez confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sami Zayn did not go into business for himself. The biggest issue is that he delivered a line that was not okay to say at the time he said it.

“What happened, I mean what I can tell you for sure and I don’t know like all the circumstances and what happened during the day, but what I know for sure is that Sami was under the impression that he was supposed to say that line [about AEW].”


“He did not go into business for himself. He did not decide it would be something edge, but he was told that that line was okay. By the time RAW went on the air that line was not okay. However things happened they happened, but Vince was absolutely furious that line made television and he did talk to Sami Zayn afterward, I don’t know what was discussed, but that’s the story of what happened on Monday.”

No matter if Sami Zayn was told to say AEW on RAW or not is a moot point because it happened. WWE made quick work of the line as they edited it off of their social media and all repeats of RAW, but it was still a pretty bold line to make the air.

Plans change in WWE multiple times throughout the day so it’s not a big surprise if Zayn was saying something that he was told was okay. He just didn’t have the most recently updated script after McMahon got his editing hands on it.

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