Mandy Rose and Carmella have often been compared to one another in terms of their rise up through WWE, but as ‘Mella so savagely pointed out on social media last night, there’s still a bit of a gulf between the two in terms of accomplishments.

Of course, that was after Mandy had decided to peel back the curtain a little bit by name dropping Corey Graves in their fiasco. As we all know Corey adores Rose in his commentary role, but in reality, is seemingly in a relationship with Carmella.

As you can imagine, the fans have been eating this stuff up as the two continue to go back and forth at one another.

It certainly seems as if the ladies on SmackDown Live are being given a bit more freedom with which to express themselves, which can only be a good thing for Team Blue’s women’s roster. With that being said, the wild card rule certainly doesn’t help when it comes too sorting out once and for all who is on which brand.


In terms of this story specifically, though, it’s an interesting spot for both women to be in. Mandy using her magazine cover feels like a storyline from back in the day, but then again, a lot of old school booking techniques could re-surface as this era’s version of the ‘Monday Night Wars’ starts to bubble towards the surface.

Whatever the case may be, this confirms what we’ve all known for a while: sometimes Twitter is a better source of enhancing storylines than WWE television itself.

Harry Kettle

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