TJ Perkins Disses WWE 24/7 Title Before Teasing AEW Run

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TJP is no longer a WWE Superstar, but he is still keeping up with the product. He certainly saw the WWE 24/7 Title and like so many others he was not impressed.

If you want to really hear someone bury the new title in WWE you can check out what Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks had to say about it. This title was received so poorly that even Mick Foley felt like it was his fault.

One fan asked TJ Perkins if he was interested in the 24/7 Title to which he replied: “00/0.” So it doesn’t sound like TJP is game to make a WWE return just for the new belt.

Interestingly enough, another fan followed up by asking: “How about the AEW Heavyweight Title?”

TJ Perkins didn’t reply with any actual words but he did have a few “thinking” emojis to lay down. After all, Starrcast features many top wrestling stars from all over the planet including TJ Perkins.

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