Pac will not be working the Double Or Nothing event. The story is that he had creative difference with AEW and they might not use him at all now. previously reported that Pac was having issues with his visa and he might not have actually been under contract with AEW at that time. He didn’t appear at WrestleCon after being previously announced due to a visa issue.

Sean Sapp admitted during Fightful’s Q&A that he didn’t have any direct line of knowledge to the Pac situation, however, he has heard the rumor like so many others that this whole thing could be a work.

“I don’t actually know anything about the Pac situation. The rumors are is it actually a visa issue, but that doesn’t explain why Pac could show up at the press conference a while back. It doesn’t explain that because that was a few months ago, but if it wasn’t a visa issue why couldn’t he do Starrcast? I don’t know we know he had an issue with WrestleCon.”


“Maybe it’s possible, evidently it is possible that his visa expired in that meantime. If it’s a work then good for them they’re doing a good work. If it’s a work and they worked Dave [Meltzer] I would be upset if I were Dave.”

“It’s a tough one man, it’s a tough one. Do I believe that he had creative differences and didn’t want to lose, I guess it’s possible.”

We might not know if Pac’s situation is a work until Double Or Nothing is said and done. Due to his absence from the event Hangman Page is now without an opponent and teasing that he is off of the event altogether.

However, it was already confirmed that Page will have something to do on the show although it’s not 100% clear what it will be just yet.

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