AEW’s Television Show On TNT Could Be TV-14

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AEW might be able to present something very special with their upcoming television show. They also might be able to give WWE fans something they don’t have anymore.

WWE has been stuck in the TV-PG era regardless of fans crying for a return to more mature content. It was a self-imposed decision and an attempt to attract advertisers. Obviously it has worked because they attracted a big fish like The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia with their content.

All Elite Wrestling released a promo for Double Or Nothing and at the end fans immediately noticed a TV-14 rating for the broadcast.

This has given a lot of people hope that AEW will not only get to present a more serious form of pro wrestling, but they could also be bringing TV-14 back to a nationally televised pro wrestling company.

Lucha Underground, MLW, and Impact Wrestling offer mature themes and blood in their matches. They certainly wouldn’t stop a US Title match if Samoa Joe gets a bloody nose. However, none of those previously mentioned companies are going to be on TNT later this year.

To be fair, some people would probably suggest rating ALL IN with a TV-MA rating due to all of the Penis Druids.

If AEW’s television show keeps up with a TV-14 rating that is first set by the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view then fans could be in for a very interesting experience.

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