Rusev Explains Reason For Current WWE Locker Room Frustration

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Rusev has received some great opportunities in WWE, but he also feels overlooked right now. Apparently, he’s not the only one in the company who feels that way.

While speaking to, Rusev spoke about his amazing opportunity to work with The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. He might have lost that casket match, but it provided him with an amazing experience to sit under The Undertaker’s learning tree.

“And Taker is such a special character and he’s been here for like 30 years or whatnot.

“He’s a legend, he’s an icon so getting to work with him and talk to him afterwards and pick his brains it was a great opportunity for me.

“He told me that I’m really good.”

Rusev is stuck in a bit of a slump right now. His creative direction has seemed to stall as his partnership with Shinsuke Nakamura hasn’t received much attention since the Superstar Shake-Up. Hopefully, WWE can turn it around for The Bulgarian Brute, but as he put it 99.9% of the roster feels overlooked at this point.

“It’s not just us, 99.9 percent of the roster feels overlooked because we’re all so good and we’re all so passionate. Everybody wants to be a champion and everybody can be a champion because we’re that good. It’s just that there [are] only so many titles.

“You gotta find what sticks out, you gotta be different. It doesn’t matter if [we hear] Rusev Day or Lana Day chants or whatever it is, the most hyped thing doesn’t make you a champion. There’s so many moving parts to become a champion, it’s beyond my head. Only Vince McMahon knows these things.”

Rusev might have a point, but those people who are getting attention right now once had to fight for their spots too.

It might have come easier for some than most to succeed in WWE, but if you’ve ever been in a fraternity then you know that legacies sometimes get preferential treatment.

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