Dolph Ziggler Has An Interesting Arrangement With WWE

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Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the Royal Rumble. This was an event he didn’t even plan on making, but WWE called him and he was in Phoenix for a comedy show.

WWE really gave Dolph Ziggler a sweet deal because he is not gone from the company, but he doesn’t have to show up for work either. The Show Off is working the road as a stand-up comedian and obviously, WWE approves.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ziggler’s current arrangement with WWE lets him take the time off he needs to pursue his comedy aspirations. The company wanted him in a backstage capacity, but that’s not what he wanted to do. Therefore, he is allowed to remain under contract while still doing what he wants.

“He’s doing stand-up comedy. He’s under contract and you know the gist of the thing is that they wanted to make him an agent, they wanted to take him out of the ring they didn’t have any more ideas for him. He wanted to be a wrestler, he didn’t want to be an agent so they kinda met in the middle where you’re still under contract so now he’s using the time he’s under contract to try and go around the country touring as a stand up guy.”

It also wasn’t mentioned if Dolph Ziggler’s contract is frozen in any way. This is another very interesting piece to the story that might be worth considering.

WWE has taken up the practice of freezing a lot of contracts whenever they like to make sure Superstars stay with them for as long as possible. It looks like WWE and Dolph Ziggler were able to work out something very unique which is continuing to benefit them both because Ziggler could light up any pro wrestling company he wanted to if he left WWE completely. Instead, he’s lighting up stages at comedy clubs all over the country.

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