WWE Ended Money In The Bank Match Early

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Money In The Bank featured a lot of intense action. It was fast-paced and kept the crowd entertained to a certain extent at least, but some people were questioning the end of the US Title match. It turns out there was a reason for this ending.

If you want to read up on all of the Money In The Bank results you can get those here.

PW Insider notes that as soon as the referee saw the blood on Samoa Joe’s face the decision was made to end the match. This is why Rey Mysterio’s roll-up pin seemed so rushed, awkward, and controversial.

Now Rey Mysterio is the US Champion and it seems that we did not get a full match out of Mysterio and Joe again because something always seems to happen between those two to cause some kind of premature ending.

It appeared that Samoa Joe broke his nose and there was a lot of blood. WWE made the decision to end the bout almost immediately, however, they did carry on with the post-match beatdown as planned.

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