Pac is no longer appearing on AEW’s Double Or Nothing event. Instead, he had his match against Hangman Page last night.

There are a lot of reasons why AEW made this decision, but it all essentially came down to creative differences. Because Pac didn’t want to lose a match while he is still the top champion in Dragon Gate. AEW also didn’t want fans to be upset about any part of the Double Or Nothing booking. AEW wants to focus on long-term booking and Pac’s situation prevented that.

Dave Meltzer explained the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained that AEW made the decision to pull the Pac match because they didn’t want fans to boo a draw finish on May 25th.

“It ended up being a DQ finish when Pac gave the referee a low blow and Pac hit Page with a chair and he put the chair on his leg and then said that his goal only to injure Page, he’s already done it so he’s not going to Las Vegas, he’s not going to be appearing at Double Or Nothing, and he’s not coming back to AEW at all.”


“Essentially the deal is that Pac is the Open The Dream Gate Champion in Dragon Gate and he wasn’t going to lose and he wasn’t losing in the UK and it wasn’t so much this show and I think that’s where everyone is all confused. I understand why because what they did here is so completely foreign to what anyone would do as far as the United States.”

“They have an idea of what they want to do with their story lines and it was a long-term thing and this no longer fit.”

It was said that The Elite could have written a no-finish for Double Or Nothing, but they wanted to give the fans the best show possible. They have promised an even better show, but a replacement for Pac hasn’t been announced yet.

It was said that AEW didn’t think this was going to be an issue, but obviously it is. Perhaps after Pac looses his Open The Gate Championship then they can revisit the storyline. However, there were issues and they seemed to leave the door open for a grudge match down the line, but you have to go into the match knowing that either man could lose.

Pac could have won the Double Or Nothing match, but then that opens up a question about what AEW will do about their Chicago show. Meltzer said that Kenny Omega seemed to be next in line to face Pac, but AEW had an idea of what they wanted to do and it was a long-term deal.

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