Silver King’s Death Caused By Preexisting Condition

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Silver King’s death was a very hard thing to take and video evidence of the event showed that action was not taken in an appropriate time either. This enraged much of the IWC to see.

There was an outpouring of support and condolences following his passing as well and now referees all over are being required to learn CPR. However, it was too late for Silver King although his life could have been saved otherwise.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Juventud Guerrera did not know of a preexisting condition that Silver King suffered from. This caused him to have a heart attack in the ring and he passed away.

Despite his preexisting condition, Silver King passed required physical tests and was licensed by several commissions in Mexico. His last known passed test occurred in February 2019 months before his passing. He was only 51-years-old.

Silver King died in the ring before the ambulance could get to him and he was pronounced deceased upon arriving at the hospital. His passing will hopefully be not only a lesson learned, but also, a huge wake-up call for the industry and how they prepare for and handle such emergency situations.

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