Billie Kay On Heat With Sasha Banks After WrestleMania Win

WrestleMania did not turn out the way Sasha Banks would have liked it to. She was upset at WWE over the fact that she and Bayley weren’t going to be able to legitimize the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles by defending them across all of WWE’s brands for a long time to help establish the new titles. Then Banks walked out of the company.

Banks recently fired back at the reports that she walked out of WWE after telling them that she quit. Until she comes back or actually speaks on the matter we might not know the entire story.

One thing we can be sure of is that Banks had no heat with The IIconics for winning the titles. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce recently spoke to where Kay dispelled the rumor of any such heat.

“Everyone was super happy and excited for us.”

“The rumours to us is [that] we didn’t see anything that we’re hearing.”

“We had a great experience with them and it holds a really special place in our hearts.”

“You can find them [pictures], we’re all embracing each other.”

We have previously posted the image of the Boss n Hug Connection and the IIconics hugging after their match at WrestleMania. In case you need a refresher you can check that out below.

Hopefully, Sasha Banks does make a WWE return soon because she could be needed. However, there will be no heat on the IIconics from The Boss no matter which brand she comes back to.

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